"...true American Idols....thanks for making 'rock' and (the Blazeman) 'roll' the 4th triathlon discipline"

      Chrissie Wellington, Four-Time Ironman World Champion (United Kingdom) -

"You guys make me proud"

      Mike Reilly, the "Voice of Ironman"

"Excellent, catchy and for those who were in Hawaii it will put the 'week that was' into perspective more than anything else I have seen."

      User post on Transitions, the largest internet community in Australia for triathletes -

"...classic lyrics...this is absolute gold!"

      IM Talk (New Zealand) -
      Listen to Ironband on IM Talk:  

"Innovative" "Whip-smart" "A revolutionary new genre" "It's Weezer meets Tenacious D meets the Super Bowl Shuffle."

      Mitch Flesher, singer/guitarist for Shunga Outlaws

"..worth the listen....really funny"

      User post on Glasgow Triathlon Club (Scotland) -

"awesome! etz really! double crazy people" (translated from German...)

      User post on (Germany)


      Chamois Butt'r (Missouri, USA) -

"...worth a listen"

      User post on Triathlon Scene (Germany) -

"The Laguna Phuket Triathlon has been immortalized in song! Check out the single (and entire album!) from Ironband's latest CD, Gotta Get to Kona."

      The Laguna Phuket Triathlon (Phuket, Thailand) -

"Rush is yesterday..... Ironband. Music for Triathletes"

"OH YEAH! Great fun. got to be on everybodies play list."

"That's bloody it!"

      User posts on TriTalk (United Kingdom)-

"Ironband music for Ironmen...the very listenable, if 'listenable' is a word."

      User post on Runner's World / Triathlete's World (United Kingdom)-

"Thanks for the great tunes in Lawrence. Aid station hooker made me laugh through the pain!!!"

"Thanks Ironband for getting me through my run! You rock!!"

      User posts from participants of the 2010 Ironman Kansas 70.3 where Ironband played live on the run course ( &

"I just can't stop listening to these amusing & well-assembled triathlon/cycling songs..."

      Twitter Post (Canberra, Australia) -

"Quite possibly the most influential Ironman-specific band out of Kansas City in the last six months. If you only download free songs from one band of triathletes this year, make an exception and download theirs as well."

      User post on Slowtwitch (USA) -

"one of the greatest (only?) bands to ever hit the Triathlon scene"

      Perpetual Change, Rock Band Extraordinaire (USA) -