Santa Claus Drank All My Gin

Liner Notes:Ironband's Christmas Story.....

Stockings hung, presents wrapped
Sitting by the fire with a little nightcap
Kids in bed, are they really asleep?
Are they waiting us out, to take a little peek?

Hit the sack, gonna be an early morning
"Mom, Dad - wake up!" without warning
Set the coffee pot on automatic
Otherwise it's gonna be a bit traumatic

It's that time of the year, I sing a little jingle
If I get my hands, on that damned Kris Kringle

I think Santa drank all of my gin
I had a brand new bottle in the liquor bin
Woke to a sound, loud music and voices
Thought it was the neighbor, making poor choices

I think Santa swiped all of my booze
'Cause he's under my tree, takin' a snooze
What do I do, he's in a bad way
I guess I'm gonna have to fly his sleigh

What do I do, it's almost dawn
Kids'll be up soon, with barely a yawn
I gotta get this big red lug on his way
But holy egg nog, you know what he weighs?

I wake him up with a hot cup of joe
He says "thanks man, I really gotta go"
Heads to the roof, hops in his sleigh
And says, "next year, can you make it Tanqueray?"