No Sleep Til Kona

Liner Notes: The Beastie Boys said it best....and we took it and ran with it. But it goes without saying that there are many triathletes out there, and a handful of musicians, who just want to make it to Kona. For us, the likelihood of making it to Kona through an actual qualifying slot is pretty slim, making it through the lottery perhaps a bit more likely, and the likelihood of making it to Kona as part of the post-race musical entertainment, perhaps slightly higher.

Foot on the crank, you can take it to the bank
Legs are burning hotter than a grilled lamb shank
This ain't a race - it's one big slaughter
Running in the heat, could it be any hotter?

On location playin’ all the races
Ironband rockin puttin’ smiles on faces
Can’t ride bikes, we can barely play a tune
But when we play yo race the girlies gonna swoon

Ain’t no joke I’m a pretty fly bloke
Goin’ race to race with a bad swim stroke
There’s one big race and we’ll know we’ve arrived
Ironband in Kona - cold kickin’ it live

No sleep 'til –

Another swim - another bike
Another run I don't like
Another K, another mile
Another medal on the pile

Aaah, Scotty he crazy, slappin’ his big bass
Sittin' on the trainer, pushin' the pace
Mikey's in the back pullin' rhymes from his brain
While Shultzie's up front helpin' fly the plane

We’re thinkin’ bout the island, one big dream
Polishin’ guitars with our chamois cream
Bass line thumpin, pedals they pumpin’
Iron Maidens in the back, damned they krunkin’
Plane’s gassed up, we got the whole band
Just waitin’ on word from the Big Island

No sleep 'til –

No Sleep ‘til Kona
No Sleep ‘til Kona
No Sleep ‘til Kona

Ain’t had hairy legs since we started this band,
Scotty K, get off the bike my man

Rockin’ Shawnee to the KCK
They call me Mr. Kinner but I’m Scotty K
Like a cream to a chamois, a chamois to a cream
Qualify for Kona? That’s a freakin' pipe dream!

A bass, guitars, a pair of bongos
A 747 with a spin studio
Macca in the chute, Reilly on the mic
Pack the spandex, let’s catch this flight
Come on guys, give us a call
We’ll be rockin’ out Kona til’ the post race ball!

No Sleep ‘til Kona
No Sleep ‘til Kona
No Sleep ‘til Kona