White Shorts Mistake

Liner Notes:You've seen them on the course. The shiny new white tri jerseys or shorts. The ones you bought...once...and realized just how see-through they are once they're soaked in sweat or other fluids. It's happened to the best of you and we're certainly no exception. This song is for all of you were suckered into buying those pretty white bike shorts at one time or another.

White Shorts Mistake

well I got a new tri suit I'm gonna pick up some speed
it's gonna make me real fast and put me out in the lead
lightweight fabric that will cool my skin
hydrodynamic shape that will cut for the win

I put my new suit on for her viewing intake
she choked on her drink, said "You've made a white shorts mistake"

I put my new suit on and head for the big race
I'm lookin' forward to the shock when I'm leading the pace
jumped in the water went to the front of the line
the gun went off and I pushed for my time

when I exited the water, heard the crowd's foresake
I realized then, I'd made a white shorts mistake

well I got over my shame, swallowed my pride
jumped on my bike and did one hell of a ride
ran like the wind baby this suit is the ace
I can see the finish line, time to save some face

I could hear the announcer, his words I could make
he said, "Somebody tell this boy he's made a white shorts mistake"
that day I learned my lesson, for goodness sake
never again will I make a white shorts mistake