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  • 6/11/2017 – Ironband Live @ 2017 Ironman Boulder – “I Don’t Mind (Bein’ Passed by a Chick)” – live from the Ironman Boulder swim/bike watch festival at the Boulder Resevoir.
  • 8/27/2016 – Ironband Live @ the 2016 Cedar Creek Triathlon – A live performance of one of our newer songs, “I’m in Love”…you’re a triathlete, you’ve been there, right? Thank you to the Cedar Creek Triathlon for having us out to rock the finish line this year!
  • 6/3/2016 – Ironband Live @ the 2016 Hospital Hill Run 5K – A cover of the Killer’s “When You Were Young”; thank you to Hospital Hill for having Ironband perform at the start/finish of the 2016 Hospital Hill Run UMKC School of Medicine 5K!
  • 5/15/2016 – Ironband Live @ the 2016 Kansas City Triathlon – A little clip from last week’s Kansas City Triathlon; this is what happens when our drummer has to take a bathroom break….we have to go acoustic for part of the song…until he returns and we’re able to turn the volume knob back up to 11 (e-le-ven).
  • 7/31/2015 – Ironband Live @ IRONMAN Boulder (Feat. ‘The Godfather’ on Tambourine) – A big thank you to IRONMAN Boulder and BCC Live for having Ironband back to Boulder for the 2015 IRONMAN Boulder festivities! Also a big thanks to the infamous Glenn “The Godfather of Triathlon” Bohannon for sitting in on tambourine for a number at the opening ceremony.
  • 4/11/2015 – Live @ the 2015 Rock the Parkway Half Marathon/5K – Thank you to the 2015 Burns & McDonnell Rock the Parkway Half Marathon & 5K for having Ironband out again this year to entertain the runners! Can you find yourself running down Ward Parkway toward the finish line?
  • 1/24/2015 – Live @ Kanza Hall – 2015 BVEF Battle of the Bands Fundraiser – A big thanks to the Blue Valley Educational Foundation for having us out as part of the musical lineup for their annual Battle of the Bands and Fundraiser! The event was a huge success and raised money for fantastic programs in our community so thanks to everyone who came out to support the event!
  • 11/24/2014 – Runnin’ Sin City – 2014 Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon – Members of Ironband and several friends enjoyed our first “Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon”, Vegas-style! While we can’t claim that it was our best marathon performance ever, no-doubt influenced by all the pre-race entertainment and (mis)hydration temptations, we can say that running down the strip at night was a truly unique and entertaining experience. Conceived and written on the course in Vegas, as well as in the hotel room, in the bars, and on the flight home, we give you, “Runnin’ Sin City”.
  • 10/5/2014 – live @ the 2014 Kansas City Zoo Run Boulder – Thank you Kansas City Zoo Run for having us entertain at the post-race party – beautiful morning to “Run for the Penguins” at the Kansas City Zoo! We appreciate the tambourine, cowbell, and dancing additions from Calvin of the Missouri Comets as well as this 8-year old who not only ran the entire 4-mile race but danced for nearly our entire set!
  • 8/19/2014 – live @ IRONMAN Boulder – Age Group Body, Podium Heart – for the Blazeman – During this time of ice bucket challenges and an increasing awareness of ALS we thought we’d share some footage from our show at IRONMAN Boulder…Jon Blais, the original IRONMAN Warrior Poet….footage from his awe-inspiring finish in Kona in 2005 played on the jumbotron next to us while we played this song, one which we wrote while thinking about Jon’s struggle.
  • 8/2/2014 – Ironband Live @ the 2014 IRONMAN Boulder Opening Ceremony – Highlights from our opening set that kicked off the evening – the footage of the 2013 IM World Championship in Kona was running on the jumbotron with our lyrics sycned to the music scrolling across the bottom.
  • 5/14/2014 – Ironband Live @ Kansas City Triathlon: “I”m on a Truck” – Ironband is looking forward to entertaining the athletes at this weekend’s Kansas City Triathlon coming to you live from atop a truck! How many of you saw the Saturday Night Live digital short – “I’m on a Boat” – starring Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg and T-Pain?
  • 4/13/2014 – Ironband Live @ Rock the Parkway – Thanks to Rock the Parkway for having Ironband as part of the on-course entertainment once again – we had a ball and appreciate all the thumbs up, smiles and cheers – congratulations to all the runners! 8000 runners and 30+ songs captured live on race-day – can you pick yourself out?
  • 3/07/2014 – New Song: You Can Take Your Cutoff – A few years ago Ironband performed at Ironman 70.3 Kansas when four-time Ironman World Champion, Chrissy Wellington, won the race. In 2013 another Chrissy came to Kansas; thi sis the the (partial) story and inspiring tale of Chrissy V and her efforts at Ironman 70.3 Kansas and Ironman Arizona.
  • 11/16/2013 – Ironband Live @ Fuel Bar – Pictorial/audio recap of a fun evening at Fuel – thanks to eveyrone for coming out and for Perpetual Change for having us kick off the night. Music performed/recorded live by Ironband and photos by Brian Rice Photography.
  • 3/26/2013 – I Wanna Be Like Crowie – A warm congratulations go out to Crowie and the family on the new addition to the Alexander household; with the birth last week of of Lani and Crowie’s return Melbourne to defend his title at the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship this month we thought it would be a good time to whip up a little tune/video about the man himself.
  • 12/18/2012 – Santa Drank All My Gin – Ironband went into the studios the other evening to create our holiday card and we had a surprise visitor. That didn’t deter us, however, from writing a little holiday jingle, Ironband-style. Happy Holidays!
  • 11/1/2012 – IRONBAND in Kona 2012 – A video and photographic highlights reel from our trip to Kona for the 2012 Ironman World Championship. From the gigs to the underpants run to snorkeling to race-day action to the post-parties, fix yourself a Mai Tai, sit back, and enjoy.
  • 9/28/2012 – IRONBAND – Goin’ to Kona – It’s official, IRONBAND is goin’ to Kona for the Ironman World Championship. How else to alert our followers but through the medium of music?
  • 7/01/2012 – They Swim, They Bike, They Run, They’re IRONBAND – “Are these guys for real?” Oh yes, quite. Somewhere between factual and fictional, between conceptual and theoretical, between abstract and hypothetical; therein lies Ironband. Check out what makes Ironband tick.
  • 5/20/2012 – Ironband live at the 2012 Kansas City Triathlon / 5i50 – We had a few of the “Ironband cams/mics” out at the race to capture some video of you racing, of us playing, and other sorted happenings around Camp Ironband. If you were racing, you’re probably in this….good luck picking yourself out of our fast-motion cams!
  • 11/12/2011 – Ironband live at the Brooksider – Video and photos from a fun evening at the Brooksider with Perpetual Change. Thanks to everyone for coming out – we had a blast and we hope that you did too!
  • 5/24/2011 – Who Stole My Bodyglide? – The promo video for a collaboration project between members of Ironband and Ampage to benefit the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. The new album, “Tri-Polar,” contains three songs by Ironband, three songs by Ampage, and the new song, “Who Stole My Bodyglide,” written by Ironband and featuring Ampage’s Mark & Pam Mason on vocals. The album is available now through CDBaby, iTunes, Zune, Amazon and more. Read more about the project or visit to learn more about the Blazeman Foundation for ALS.
  • 4/06/2011 – Ironband on the Simon Gowen Triathlon Show – A few excerpts from our appearance on the Simon Gowen Triathlon Show on LA Talk Radio including the world premiere of a brand new song, “Gotta Get to Kona”, that will be on our upcoming album. Thanks to Simon for having us – catch the rest of the show and other great episode of Simon’s show on the LA Talk Radio website.


  • 3/27/2010 – They Call Him Buddha – This one’s for our good buddy Jason – triathlete and brewmaster extraodinaire!
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