Thank You Kansas City Triathlon!

Thank you to Ultramax and the Kansas City Triathlon for having Ironband at the transition and finish line festival at this year’s event!

A big congrats to all the athletes – you guys “rocked”, despite the chilly morning. Chilly enough, in fact, that the band was forced to break out our cold weather cycling gear too…..we got into the spirit and donned the outfits we used to wear back when we were competing in triathlon more often than performing on the finish line stage. Don’t worry…it’s a very rare event…we promise not to put on spandex at concerts on a regular basis.

But we had a great time and hope we helped bring a little musical entertainment to the transition area and finish line festival. Here’s a little clip of what happens when our drummer has to take a bathroom break….we’re forced to switch to acoustic for part of the song…fortunately he returned before the end of the song so we were able to turn the volume knob back up to 11 for the rest of the song.

See you at the next one!


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