Thank You IRONMAN Boulder!

We’re back from Boulder and had a blast being part of the opening ceremony festivities at the inaugural IRONMAN Boulder!

It’s only fitting that a full IRONMAN race finally came to one of this country’s meccas of triathlon. IRONMAN Boulder was, in fact, the largest race held to date in the history of IRONMAN triathlon. With that in mind our hats go off to race director Dave Christen and his army of staff and local volunteers that put on a world-class event and to the local community for embracing the event.

Our thanks also go out to Dave Christen and Dave Downey from Boulder County Communications for inviting us to Boulder to be a part of the opening ceremony, to Dave C’s team at Ironman and Dave D’s crew at BCC for all their assistance (Ironband actually had a “crew”!) and to Mike Reilly for his continued support and letting us rock him onto the stage.

As triathletes we are always taught to “not” try new things on race day; don’t race in a brand new pair of shoes, don’t make questionable adjustments to your bike the day before the race, etc. The same philosophy should apply as musicians (or pseudo-triathlon-musicians). But then that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

As such we eschewed that philosophy and tried all sorts of new things on “race day”; syncing our music to video with embedded lyrics on the jumbotron, playing live backing music to Dave Downey’s live voice-over of the IRONMAN History video and welcoming Mike “The Voice of Ironman” Reilly to the stage to live music.

We had a blast and hope that the athletes and their family and friends enjoyed the beautiful evening in Boulder under the setting sun as they prepared themselves for Sunday’s race. For our part, we spent the better part of the weekend “investing” in the local community by attempting our own IRONMAN of sorts; biking to every brewery in Boulder. Do you know how many breweries there are in Boulder?

As far as the race – congratulations to everyone who stepped up to the starting line and dug deep in their efforts to become a mile-high IRONMAN! There were some impressive first time wins, some new PRs, some not-so-much PRs, and some who didn’t reach that finish line within official time, but as with many things in life it’s the journey and not the finish that’s important so congratulations to all of you.

See you soon!

Highlights from our opening set that kicked off the evening:
Ironman Live @ the 2014 Ironman Boulder Opening Ceremony

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