Thank You Brooksider!
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Ironband - live @ the Brooksider

Ironband - live @ the Brooksider

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Brooksider last week to see Ironband and Perpetual Change. We had a blast and we hope that you did too!

A special thanks also to the boys of Perpetual Change for letting us share their stage (and equipment, drummer, sound guy, groupies, etc.), to the incredibly talented multi-percussionist, Dr. Andrew “Molar” Moore, for backing us on the drum kit, to Matt “Moog” Harnett for running sound and doing his best to hide our flaws, to the Brooksider for putting up with us, and to everyone who showed up expecting to hear The Cure but managed to keep a smile through our set until PC took the stage.

If you were there, you’ll probably find yourself in the video or in the pics below so be sure to check them out – there are albums from our cameras as well as a fantastic set of images from our friend Brian Rice and our thanks go out to him for capturing the evening on film and making us look like a real band.

Check out the Photos!

View the “pro” photos by Brian Rice |  View the amateur photos by the rest of us


Live album already being streamed in Thailand…

Oh yes, you heard correctly. Sure, we were down a guitarist/singer, we borrowed a drummer, and we didn’t have a technically-advanced rig to record the show properly, but they were begging us to stream this concert live at BB’s Pub in Phuket, Thailand, so in all its glory, and with all the hiccups and flaws inherent in a live show, we give you IRONBAND – live @ the Brooksider.

Live at Budokan it is not, but it’s out there for your streaming/downloading pleasure and who knows, you might just hear your name in the song dedications from the evening. Get it now and join the tens of fans in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur that are hosting listening parties abroad!


1.  Chafed on the Backside
2.  Gotta Get to Kona
3.  Tri She-Devil
4.  Aid Station Hooker
5.  I Don’t Mind
(Bein’ Passed by a Chick)
6.  Racin’ in Phuket (Thailand)
7.  Age Group Body, Podium Heart
8.  Pro Card Reject
9.  Money Only Buys So Much Speed
10.  I Want My Four Miles
11.  Please, Please Santa
12.  Not Tonight Honey
(I’ve Got a 20-Miler in the Morning)

Download this and all our albums at!
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