Tereza Macel Retires
by on March 30, 2011 in International Ironman Triathlon

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If you haven’t picked up on the rockstar theme yet, let us continue with yet another rockstar in our books: Tereza Macel. We had the pleasure of meeting the Czech-Canadian triathlete of Team TBB and her husband, Cervelo’s Chris Bastie, when we travelled to Thailand to compete in the Phuket Triathlon in 2009. It was that year that Macel pulled off the seemingly-impossible with back-to-back wins at Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Canada, a mere five weeks apart, just a few short months after taking 3rd place in a blazing-hot Ironman China.

One year later Tereza’s season was capped with another Ironman title in Brazil before heading to Kona in October for a race that, as she put it, was “not so smooth, not so fun, and not so fast.

That was just a few short months ago and so it came as somewhat of a surprise to many followers when just last week multiple-Ironman-champion Tereza Macel announced her retirement from the sport at age 36.

At the end of every year a professional athlete looks back at their season and how well they fulfilled their goals,” Macel said. “Then there is the look forward to the approaching season to see what new challenges are still out there to pursue. After a number of seasons of this exercise, if things have gone well both lists get shorter.

Ironband guitarists with Tereza, husband Chris, and Belinda Granger in Phuket, Thailand for the Phuket Triathlon

We can certainly understand that admirable position. On our short list was to form a band of Ironman triathletes possessing woefully little in the way of triathlon skills or musical talent. Check. Also, to race on an island where mai tais were plentiful and $7/hour massages in ample supply. Check. Now the future-season list: to to perform songs about chaffing and sandbagging in front of Ironman World Champions on yet another island in a place known as “Kona.” Un-checked; we’re still waiting for that invitation to arrive so for the time being, Ironband retirement remains on hold.

Tereza – congratulations on a stellar triathlon career and best of wishes on your future endeavours. We hope to cross paths with you and Chris again one day and when we do, we hope that it once again revolves around mai tais and a chaise lounge on a Thai beach.

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