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“No Sleep ‘Til Kona” currently available for FREE!
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No Sleep 'Til Kona

With the season starting to wind down for many of us we know that you are already drooling over the 2012 bikes and gear that are starting to hit the shelves. In our continued effort to help you be the best that you can be Ironband is launching our own “Musical Bailout Package.”

That’s right, starting today you can download our newest album, “No Sleep ‘Til Kona” for FREE directly from our website!

So FREE , yes, FREE . That’s 16 new songs for FREE , or $0.00 divided by 16 songs is, well, $0.00 per song!

Can you resist putting them on your iPod now?

We tried doing this through iTunes, but apparently the powers that be are too busy hawking billions of Justin Bieber albums to respond to our requests and so we’re going straight to the source – – to help you save $9 so you can put it toward that sleek carbon frame that you’ve been eyeing for the 2012 season!

Of course, if you are among the technically-challenged and you don’t know how to download mp3 files and import them into your favorite music management software, you can still get the album directly from all of the major digital outlets: iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Zune.

For the handful of you who supported us by buying the album, we thank you; let us know and we’ll send you a signed copy of the cover/liner notes and some Chamois Butt’r for your troubles. And don’t worry; we haven’t retired to the beach yet – all six dollars of profits are going toward the rapidly dwindling fund that buys Scott’s leg razors.

Don’t forget about our original album, “Gotta Get to Kona,” as it too can be downloaded for free! If you don’t have all the old hits such as “Pass the Chamois Butt’r”, “I Don’t Mind (Bein’ Passed by a Chick)”, “Chafed on the Backside”, and more, go get em’!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that this offer is what finally breaks down the last remaining continental holdout: Antarctica!

That’s right – our music has been downloaded on every content with the exception of Antarctica – come on guys – if you’re listening at Amundsen-Scott Camp at the South Pole, head on over to and get yourself some tunes!

© 2015 Ironband, LLC
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