New Ironman Ink, er, Paint….

Ironman Ink, er, PaintAfter our guitar player finished his first Ironman he did what many of you did and visited his first tattoo artist. Sure, the euphoria of finishing an Ironman, combined with a few locally brewed pints of goodness, were partially to blame but an accomplishment such as that warrants a permanent memento, no?

Well, Dave didn’t qualify for Kona and, frankly, he’s not allowed to get another tattoo but given this “historical” trip to Kona for the Ironman World Championship he felt like doing something to commemorate the trip.

So instead of body ink he turned to nitrocellulose lacquer, and with the help of good friend, incredibly talented guitar player, and guitar refinishing, repair, and wiring expert, Bill Latas, the two transformed an old guitar body into a rockin’ new guitar complete with the Ironman logo (*note to Ironman attorneys – this is my own guitar, painted by our own hands, and isn’t any different, in my opinion, than putting your logo on my body….please don’t sue me for copyright infringement).

The guitar plays and sounds as good as it looks and despite its awkward size we couldn’t resist packing it up and bringing it to Kona. Think TSA will like it?

If you’re in Kona – come by our tent in the Ironman Village on Tuesday night, get a pic of yourself playing the new guitar, post it on our Facebook page and we’ll put you into a drawing for the highly acclaimed (actually not, as we just made it up) Ironband VIP Pack consisting of an Ironband t-shirt, CD, used guitar pics, and single-use samples of Chamois Butt’r (..not used). Priceless, right?

See you in Kona!

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