New Album on the Way!

Whoa, wait a second – you guys seriously wrote another album’s worth of songs about running, cycling, and triathlon?

Funny – we get that a lot. “But wait,” they ask, “didn’t you already write songs about Chamois Butt’r, chaffing, bonking, and inappropriate race attire?

Well, yes, that is true, but really, aren’t there literally thousands of ways to lyricize such crucial life issues such as those faced by the avid multisport athlete?

As they would say on Teen Nickelodeon, “I know, right?

Iron JMichael – IMKS 70.3,
prior to solo acoustic
Spring Break tour

The answer is, yes, we have another full-length album in the works that is sure to delight, disparage, discourage, and devolve even the most jaded an Ironband fan. With tracks such as “Tri She-Devil”, “Shaved for Nuthin'”, and “Age Group Body, Podium Heart”, the band emerged from a number of training rides and runs with enough source material sloshing around in their heads to fill a double live album. But don’t worry, we know that your attention span is about as long as a 100-meter swim interval and we promise to use a heavy editorial hand as we pare down the final tracks.

One point to note for those of you coming out to see us at a race or other show; particularly those of you who are normally lined up around the block to get an autograph from our comical guitar player, Iron JMichael, who typically races (sometimes in jean shorts) and stops mid-race to perform with the band. JMichael is currently in the middle of a solo acoustic tour of Spring Break hotspots along Florida’s east coast hoping to fulfill a dream onto which he’s held since seeing Richard Marx do the same in the early 90s. But fear not, the full band will be reunited one day; the powerful bond of rock bends but never breaks so stay tuned for a reunion show in a parking lot near you soon.

At any rate, stay tuned and you could be the first to download the new songs before all of our website bandwidth is sucked up by our rabid fans in eastern Europe, small pockets of southeast Asia, and one in the far reaches of the Australian Outback.

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