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C-Sides, D-Sides & Besides (ongoing)

1. I’m in Love play/download | lyrics
2. Runnin’ Sin City play/download | lyrics
3. You Can Take Your Cutoff (explicit) play/download | lyrics
4. Suburban Soccer Moms (explicit) play/download | lyrics
5. Gin and Juice (cover – explicit) play/download | lyrics
6. I Wanna Be Like Crowie play/download | lyrics
7. Buckle Up Bitches Feat. The Godfather play/download | lyrics
8. Goin’ to Kona play/download | lyrics
9. Santa Claus Drank All My Gin play/download | lyrics
10. Mommas Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Carnies play/download | lyrics

Back in Phuket (2020)

1. Walkin’ on the Bike Course (Again) play/download | lyrics
2. We Make Party play/download | lyrics
3. Heat, Hills, Hell in Paradise play/download | lyrics
4. The Devil’s Playground play/download | lyrics

No Sleep ‘Til Kona (2011)

1. Gotta Get to Kona play/download | lyrics
2. Tri She-Devil play/download | lyrics
3. Age Group Body, Podium Heart play/download | lyrics
4. Please, Please Santa play/download | lyrics
5. Taste of Your Medicine play/download | lyrics
6. Me and My Chamois play/download | lyrics
7. Pro Card Reject play/download | lyrics
8. Money Only Buys So Much Speed play/download | lyrics
9. Convoy play/download | lyrics
10. I’m Not Your Rabbit play/download | lyrics
11. Shaved for Nuthin’ play/download | lyrics
12. I Want My Four Miles play/download | lyrics
13. No Sleep ‘Til Kona play/download | lyrics
14. Transition Love Affair play/download | lyrics
15. Who Stole My Bodyglide (feat. Mark & Pamela Mason) play/download | lyrics

*Hidden (not so much) Track:

16. Taste of Your Medicine (JNokes Metal Marathon Mix) play/download | lyrics

Gotta Get to Kona (2010)

1. Not Tonight Honey (I’ve Got a 20-Miler in the Morning) play/download | lyrics
2. Chafed on the Backside play/download | lyrics
3. I Don’t Mind (Bein’ Passed by a Chick) play/download | lyrics
4. Pass the Chamois Butt’r play/download | lyrics
5. Carbon Upgrade play/download | lyrics
6. Racin’ in Phuket (Thailand) play/download | lyrics
7. Aero Envy play/download | lyrics
8. Sandbagger play/download | lyrics
9. Mike Reilly Said I’m an Ironman play/download | lyrics
10. Aid Station Hooker play/download | lyrics
11. Slowtwitch Shuffle play/download | lyrics
12. They Call Him Buddha play/download | lyrics
13. White Shorts Mistake play/download | lyrics
14. Walkin’ on the Bike Course play/download | lyrics
15. Chrissie Came to Kansas play/download | lyrics
16. Sandbagger (JNokes Remix) play/download | lyrics

Tri-Polar | A Benefit Album for the Blazeman Foundation (2011)

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this album go directly to the Blazeman Foundation!
Available now on CDBabyiTunesZuneAmazon and more!

Featuring music, lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals by:
Mark Mason (Ampage / Blazeman Band), Pamela Mason (Ampage / Blazeman Band), Scott Kinner (Ironband), David Shultz (Ironband), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Rick Allen (Def Leppard), Mark Inglert & John Easdale (Dramarama), John Taylor (Duran Duran), and vocal performances by Chrissie Wellington, Andy Potts, Leanda Cave, Mirinda Carfrae, Scott Tinley, Jasmin Oeinck, Mary Miller, Bryan Rhodes, Matty Reed, Wingnut, Fiona Docherty, Simon Gowen, Mike Reilly, and Amanda Hahn.

1. Iron Blazeman (Mark Mason and the Blazeman Band)
2. Gotta Get to Kona (Ironband)
3. Bamboozler (Ampage)
4. Age Group Body, Podium Heart (Ironband)
5. So What? (Ampage feat. Rick Allen, Mark Mason, John Taylor & John Easdale)
6. I Don’t Mind (Bein’ Passed by a Chick) (Ironband)
7. Lost & Learned (Ampage)
8. Who Stole My Bodyglide? (Ironband feat. Mark & Pamela Mason)
© 2015 Ironband, LLC
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