Members of Ironband and Ampage Join Forces to Release Album for the Blazeman Foundation
Tri-Polar - A Benefit Album for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS
100% of the proceeds go to
The Blazeman Foundation for ALS

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Kansas City, MO, USA – May 24, 2011 – Members of Ironband, “the world’s most enigmatic running, cycling, and triathlon rock band,” have joined forces with Mark and Pamela Mason of Ampage to release a collaborative album to benefit the Blazeman Foundation for ALS.

Hitting stores today, the new album, “Tri-Polar,” features songs by Ampage, Ironband, and a host of musicians and triathletes who have collectively come to be know as the “Blazeman Band” when they produce music in support of the Blazeman Foundation. The album features three new songs by Ironband including “Who Stole My Bodyglide?,” a collaborative single written by Ironband that features Mark and Pamela Mason on vocals.

I was laying down guitar tracks and had some old videos playing in the background from the 80’s and 90’s with Mark and Pam wailing away on stage and thought, ‘hey, why don’t we have them do the vocals for one of the new songs?’,” explains Ironband’s Shultz, who felt that the single should be released on the Blazeman Record Label to raise money for the foundation.

Once “Bodyglide” had been recorded Mason had the idea to release an entire collaborative album rather than just the one song. The album also features three songs by Mason’s band, Ampage, as well as the single “Iron Blazeman,” written by Mason and featuring a host of musicians and triathletes.

Most of my musical career has revolved around serious subjects and serious music,” notes Mason, who has collaborated with household names such as Rick Allen of Def Leppard, Mark Englert of Dramarama, Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols, and Earl Slick of David Bowie and John Lennon fame. “I took this opportunity as a challenge to collaborate on a project with some guys who don’t appear to take a single thing seriously when it comes to their lyrics or music.

I listened to these guys as a kid, about the time that I picked up my first guitar,” explains Shultz, “so to have our music appear on an album alongside these world-class musicians and triathletes is an honor. To have it benefit such a great cause is simply the icing on the cake.

The Songs:

1. Iron Blazeman (Mark Mason et al)
2. Gotta Get to Kona (Ironband)
3. Bamboozeled (Ampage)
4. Age Group Body, Podium Heart (Ironband)
5. So What? (feat. Rick Allen, Mark Mason, John Taylor & John Easdale)
6. I Don’t Mind (Bein’ Passed by a Chick) (Ironband)
7. Lost & Learned (Ampage)
8. Who Stole My Bodyglide? (Ironband featuring Mark & Pamela Mason)

Featuring music, lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals by: Mark Mason (Ampage / Blazeman Band), Pamela Mason (Ampage / Blazeman Band), Scott Kinner (Ironband), David Shultz (Ironband), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Rick Allen (Def Leppard), Mark Inglert & John Easdale (Dramarama), John Taylor (Duran Duran), and vocal performances by Chrissie Wellington, Andy Potts, Leanda Cave, Mirinda Carfrae, Scott Tinley, Jasmin Oeinck, Mary Miller, Bryan Rhodes, Matty Reed, Wingnut, Fiona Docherty, Simon Gowen, Mike Reilly, and Amanda Hahn.

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“Gotta Get to Kona” and “Age Group Body, Podium Heart” are two other new songs fresh out of the Ironband studios that will also appear on the band’s forthcoming new full-length album, “No Sleep ‘Til Kona.” “I Don’t Mind (Bein’ Passed by a Chick)” also appears on the charity album and was among the most popular singles on the band’s freshman album. The Ampage songs on the album span several years worth of music from Mason and Ampage and feature performances by numerous musicians.

Who Stole My Bodyglide? 

Check out the video for a preview of the new song along with some classic footage of the bands!


For the endurance sport, body lubricant-unaware, the collaborative single, “Who Stole My Bodyglide?,” pays homage to a product routinely used by endurance athletes to lessen the effects of chaffing while swimming, biking, and running. The music and lyrics, based on an episode during which an un-named band member tried to borrow a buddy’s Bodyglide, were written by Ironband and recorded at a spin-appropriate 110 beats per minute at Ironband’s studio in Kansas City. Mason and his wife and fellow-musician, Pamela Mason, recorded the vocals in Mason’s studio in California.

Given the recent collaboration between these triathlon-infused rockers, rumors have only intensified that participants and spectators at a future Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, may be treated to a rock extravaganza featuring the bands. “I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors,” says Ironband’s Kinner, “but given our affinity for music as it relates to beaches, palm trees, pina coladas, and triathlon, I would certainly stay tuned.

In line with the title of their forthcoming full-length album, “No Sleep ‘Til Kona,” we can only hope that the boys will be there whether they are entertaining the athletes on the course while perched atop the lava fields with their acoustic guitars, or they find themselves hauling their amps atop a pyrotechnic-infused stage at a multi-band rock fest at the post-race party. As Twisted Sister so eloquently once put it, “I Wanna Rock!”

The album is available today at CDBaby, iTunes, Zune, Amazon and more so head on over and grab a copy, get your rock on, and join the Blazeman Warriors in their efforts to find a cure for ALS!

About The Blazeman Foundation

The Blazeman Foundation for ALS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is a family foundation that serves to carry out the vision of its namesake and founder, the late Jonathan “Blazeman” Blais. Contributions to the foundation are tax deductible.

The mission of the Blazeman Foundation for ALS is 1) to raise awareness about Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, by leveraging the energy, commitment and compassion of the multi-sport community and 2) to raise necessary funds to be directed into cutting-edge scientific research to find treatments and an eventual cure for ALS…So Others May Live.

Visit to learn more about the Blazeman Foundation or to make a donation.

About Mark Mason

Mark Mason, founding-force of the band AMPAGE, is a prolific songwriter with many credits ranging from television to major movies such as “I’m Dangerous Tonight” (1990) and “Bikini Summer II” (1992) in which Jeff Conaway starred and directed that includes on-screen performances by Mark Mason and Ampage. Mark’s songwriting talent was also featured in the 1994 NBC Movie of the Week, Robin Cook’s “Mortal Fear.” In 1999 Mark Mason, along with Rick Allen (world-renowned drummer for Def Leppard), wrote and recorded the theme song for the Disney Movie “Brink”.

To add to the list of impressive musical credits to his name, Mark is also recognized for his work in collaborating with other musical greats such as Tommy Shaw of the legendary rock band Styx, as well as songwriter Wes Arkin of Guns & Roses fame. The remarkable versatility, professional creative-adaptability, and quality of Mark’s songwriting, vocal, and bass musicianship has earned Mark recognition as a “musician’s musician” among the music and movie industry’s elite.

When Mark isn’t on stage you will probably find him swimming, biking, and running. Mark trains between 2-4 hours per day in between band rehearsals, recording, and concerts. Mark has competed in triathlons and Ironmans races all over the world.

Visit to learn more about Mark and his recent projects.

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