Meet the new guy: Who’s the dude behind the drums?

Those of you who know us also know the difficulties we face in juggling the band member’s careers, home lives, coaching our kid’s youth sports teams, a variety of volunteer and philanthropic pursuits, participating in endurance events ourselves, pretending to be triathlon rock stars, and our busy lives on the reality TV circuit (what, you didn’t see us on American Idol?).
Juggling all that for one or two members, let alone an entire band, is near impossible and has forced us to beg, borrow, and steal drummers from other bands and, on occasion, resolve ourselves to bringing along a virtual drummer on the iPod when a human isn’t available.


It is therefore with great pleasure that we introduce you to the latest addition to the Ironband “triathlon, adventure racing, and rock and roll” team, Justin Montgomery, adventure racer, drummer, high-wire artist, and juggler extraordinaire.

Excerpt from the band’s bio page:

Justin Montgomery
Drums (standard and Japanese Taiko), cowbell, wooden sticks

Ironman Long-distance adventure race finishes: 10
PR: we don’t do PRs in adventure racing
Hours spent in med tent/ER: the ER is for panzies

Justin is the sole member of Ironband never to have completed an Ironman Triathlon. That said, his application for band membership by-passed the normal musical and triathlon experience requirements given his prowess in long-distance, multi-day adventure racing which, as reported by the rest of the band, is “a whole lot $!^&%*$ harder than a triathlon on a road with a well-marked course.

Justin brings an air of youth to the band and despite his penchant for bubble gum pop bands his setlist additions have brought an entirely new dimension to a live Ironband show. In addition to being a wizard with his sticks and a cowbell, Justin also serves as the band’s unofficial bartender and always shows up for rehearsal with just the right concoction for any time of the day or night.

Justin will be rockin’ his debut appearance on the drum kit with Ironband this weekend at the Kansas City Triathlon so stop by to say hi or to heckle!

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