Ironman Louisville 2008 – An Introspective by Bill Biehl
by on December 10, 2008 in Ironman Race Reports

Instead of boring everyone with technical details of the my ironman race and how I would go 15 to 30 minutes without thinking about anything but heart rate, cadence, form, hydration, electrolyte intake, caloric intake, and avoiding obstacles, I thought you might get a kick out of some of my random thoughts during the race. These are much more entertaining than what I spent most of my time thinking about. So before I begin, my finishing time of 12:12 was 18 minutes ahead of my goal if the temperature was above 90 degrees, and temps for the marathon where over 90 (even heard one of the characters below say he saw one of the downtown clocks reading 100+ during the run portion of the event).

Overall, I am pleased with my time and true to my character and determination I already think I could have pushed harder here and there to get 20 or 30 minutes off the time. But when racing for 11 plus hours, it is a big risk to push hard when the temps are that high. The day after the race, I told my wife, Cari, I felt too good and had more to leave on the course. She said it was because of the IV I received after the race but I think I felt better than my last ironman because I was in better shape not because of the IV. Writing this, it strikes me that some of you will think getting an IV after a race isn’t a good thing. For me it was a great thing. With the mandatory race time out of the way, here is the entertainment portion:

List of Character’s referenced in the Random Thoughts Below:

Tim O’Donnell – Raced Louisville, got to know him before and after the race.

Chad Babcock – Winter training partner who raced a Half Ironman with me earlier in the year. He celebrated passing me on the run by giving me the Jaws theme song as he caught me.

Barry Ogden – Raced Louisville and training partner (also raced IMGermany 7 weeks before IMLouisville)

Jason Phillips – Raced Louisville and training partner (also raced IMGermany 7 weeks before IMLouisville)

Scott Kinner – Friend and Training partner who raced Ironman Germany this year;

Chris Yows – Raced Louisville got to know him this year in a couple of training sessions before the race;

Cari Biehl – Wife & Friend; can’t say enough to explain how supportive she has been.

Brian Evans – Friend and Training Partner who came to watch Louisville. He also raced Ironman Germany this year;

Heather Schulze – Friend who came to watch Louisville. She is racing Ironman Arizona in Nov. 2008;

1. Swim was 2.4 miles in the Ohio River and included swimming upstream approximately ¾ mile between an island and the shore before turning and swimming downstream in the main river channel for the remaining 1.65 miles. I started the swim up the inside edge of the island bank. A couple hundred yards into the race I swam under a branch that was just six inches above the surface. Random Thought= bet there was a big bass under this branch… If I had a pole and 500 people hadn’t just scared the fish poop out of the fish, I would have caught it.

2. Swimming so far out into the Ohio River I could barely make out the line of people on my left following the race buoys. Random Thought= Where are the kayaks and boats that are supposed to tell me to move toward shore? If I go any further out, the coast guard is going to stop me and ask how come I don’t have a license number clearly displayed on the starboard side of my speed suit.

3. Tim O’Donnell comes up behind me on the bike somewhere between mile 30 and 40 yelling, “KC Multisport, I’m coming for you”. (KC Multisport is the club jersey I wore for the 112 mile bike segment) Random Thought = Did he talk to Babcock about IMKansas 70.3 when Chad came up behind me singing the Jaws music just before the shark ate someone…. Da.Dump……Da. Dump……Da Dump..Da.Dump..Da.Dump”

4. Four minutes later, Tim is giving me the update of where he saw Barry, Jason, and Chris on the bike c

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