Ironband to Release Freshman CD, “Gotta Get to Kona”
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Ironband to Release Freshman CD, “Gotta Get to Kona”
By Armand Renauldo, Obscure Endurance Music Magazine

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Somewhere Over Northern Spain – February 12th, 2010 – Obscure Endurance Music Magazine recently sat down with the members of Ironband, dubbed the “world’s most enigmatic running, cycling, and triathlon band,” to discuss the upcoming release of their freshman CD, “Gotta Get to Kona”. As we sit nestled in leather recliners aboard the band’s custom-built Boeing 747 en route to their next gig in GÖteburg, Sweden, it’s hard to understand just how the band might be labeled as “enigmatic”. The aircraft’s fuselage is plastered with the band’s name in bright red, 15-foot high letters, and the cabin is outfitted with a spin/cycle studio, an “endless” swimming pool that doubles as a swim-up bar, a weight room, a steam room, a recording studio and sleeping quarters for the band and their families and crew. “We decided to come out of the musical closet with a splash, so to speak,” explains Ironband founder and guitarist, David. “We all got together and hawked our age-group trophies and medals and took the cash and bought this plane along with 10 years worth of carbon offsets to compensate for the fuel that we’ll burn during our upcoming world tours.” says David. “However,” continues David, “we saved quite a bit of money by not hiring a pilot, I do all the flying, and we only stock Gatorade and Power Bars on board for refreshments.” The plane has allowed the band to simultaneously train for the upcoming race season and record new material while jetting from city to city during their 26-leg European tour. Why Europe as a first tour, you might ask? “That’s easy,” explains Scott, the band’s lead singer and bass player. “We wanted to test our songs on an audience in an intense endurance sports environment like that seen back in the states in the world of running, cycling, and triathlon. Obviously, the European bocce ball scene is among the most intense endurance sports scenes in the world. We played a few of our songs for the triathlon crowd while racing in Thailand recently and got a lot of blank stares in return so we thought we’d try a different audience before subjecting our fellow athletes back in the States to our music.” Was the tour a success? “Well, yes, and no,” explains Scott. “On the one hand, the songs sounded pretty tight and we managed to get some sporadic applause. On the other hand, the average age in the European bocce ball scene is 73 and we feel that some of our musical themes and lyrics presented a few language barrier and generation gap issues. We also have to completely re-think our live performance attire. As it turns out, unlike KISS, performing in full costumes (spandex racing suits in our case) is simply not appreciated by the crowds.” Spandex racing outfits? That’s right. You see, for a period of time the members of Ironband were known only by their pseudonyms (Rex, Ted, Ronald, and Otto) and dressed in full spandex racing “costumes”, cycling helmets, and thick, opaque sunscreen during their shows. Those incognito performances were necessitated by the band’s wariness of crazed fans and, to an even greater extent, their wariness of slander or copyright infringement lawsuits from the people and products parodied in their songs. In fact, that’s how the band became known as the “enigmatic” band of endurance sports. Fortunately, or perhaps not, the band will begin using real names and performing in less-stretchy attire as soon as the tour touches down on US soil. What about the music? As this is presumably the first endurance sports-related album released since we launched Obscure Endurance Musi

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