Ironband Rocks the Brooksider
by on August 24, 2010 in Ironband - Concerts Triathlon
IRONBAND Live at the Brooksider
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Thank you to everyone who came out to KC Multisport’s Midwest Multisport Social! It was great to see so many multisport athletes taking a shot at “cross-training” by hitting the dance floor to the live tunes of Ironband and Perpetual Change. The band had a blast performing a selection of their “hits” and enjoying the evening with such a great crowd. A big thanks go out to Ironband’s ad hoc fan club, the Iron Maidens, who lit up the dance floor all night with their choreographed dances. Thanks also to Steve Richards from the Wichita chapter of our fan club for driving all the way from Wichita just to hear us perform. With dedication like that there’s no doubt that Steve is on track to a PR at Ironman Wisconsin this year! As always, thanks to all of you your continued support of the endurance music movement! The reviews and feedback that we’re getting from you, and being posted on forums worldwide, is both surprising and entertaining. We also appreciate all the invitations to play at your races and events; while we’d love to play them all, some of the more exotic international locations may have to wait until we bring a full slate of sponsors onboard to offset the cost of fuel and carbon offsets for the band’s Boeing 747. Not to worry – we fully expect a concert on a stage lined with palm trees soon!

IRONBAND Live at the Brooksider
Live at the Brooksider
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To read some of the entertaining reviews that are coming in be sure to check out the “What They’re Saying” page on our website. We even posted a link to listen to a broadcast on IMTalk out of New Zealand that talks about Ironband – thanks guys! “…classic lyrics…this is absolute gold!”   – IMTalk (New Zealand) Stay tuned for new “tunes” – Ironband is going back into the gym / recording studio and working on their second album which they expect to release sometime this fall. They have nearly an entire season of new song ideas floating around in their disturbed minds so we fully expect another entertaining round of endurance-based rock soon. Until then visit to download their music and take your runs and spin sessions to the next level!

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