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LA Talk Radio :: Simon Gowen Triathlon Show

Simon Gowen Triathlon Show

Questions for Simon or the Band? 3/31 – starting @ 1:00pm CDT

Live Call-In number: 1-818-602-4929

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Skype: latalkradio-2

We apologize for hitting you up with our generally infrequent newsletter twice in one week but we thought that some of you die-hards out there would be interested in checking out our appearance on the Simon Gowen Triathlon Show on LA Talk Radio tomorrow.

Oh yes, it’s true – we, of triathlonic musical circles, will be filling the global airwaves with a little band history, a little music, and whatever other misadventures we can get up to when we appear as Simon’s guest on his hit triathlon talk show. As part of the show one we will host the world broadcast premiere of one of the brand new singles from our forthcoming second album!

Simon Gowen has worked with the ITU, USAT and Universal Sports, covering the sport of Triathlon. His radio show is live on LA Talk Radio, Channel 2 every Thursday at 11 am Pacific Time. Tune in to the show to learn exactly how the best triathletes in the world train, eat and mentally prepare themselves for race day. Find out about the latest news, equipment and buzz in the tri world.

This is talk radio and all, so if you have a question about triathlon training, racing, or nutrition for Simon, or you have a question about the proper use of Chamois Butt’r or the best way to re-string a guitar for the band, give the studio a call at 1-818-602-4929 and we’ll answer your questions on-air. But don’t think this is Love Line with Dr. Drew and his rockstar guests; we will not be answering questions about your love life or your reported adventures in the bedroom, despite Scott’s reportedly in-depth, yet twisted, take on that subject matter.

» Listen Live on Chanel 2 at 1:00pm (CDT) Thursday March 31.

If your boss won’t let you listen to triathlon talk radio at the office, fear not, as you can check out the podcast on iTunes or download the broadcast from the show’s website anytime after the live broadcast on Thursday.

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