Ironband in Kona 2012: The Video & Photographic Recap

We’ve “almost” recovered from our exhausting week of travel, performances, swims, runs, rides, and Mai Tai consumption at the Ironman World Championship in Kona and finally had a chance to sift through all the photos and video from the trip.

Kona :: The Video

While you’ll have to call us to schedule a viewing of the un-edited and un-rated version of the trip video, we did manage to put together a summary comprised of video and photographic highlights from the trip all scored, of course, to your favorite Ironband tunes.

From the gigs to the underpants run to race day to the post-parties, the video covers six days of fun in 15 minutes. I know, I know – who has 15 minutes, right?

Kona :: The Photos

But we already cut enough and didn’t want to turn our video memory of the trip into an overly-abbreviated Clif Notes version.

So fix yourself a mai tai, cover the kids ears, sit back and enjoy! After you’ve watched the video and checked out the pics we have no doubt that you’ll be submitting an application to become part of the Ironband Crew for the 2013 World Tour. Our benefit package may be thin but the memories will last a lifetime. Or, with sufficient mai tais, maybe a week.

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