Hospital Hill Run
by on July 2, 2007 in General

The first weekend of June brought a flurry of activity for Team WMS. In fact, almost too much activity. WMS had contingents of people in Manhattan for the Flint Hills triathlon as well as was numerous people in Kansas City helping put on the Hospital Hill Run. Dave Shultz, Bill Biehl, and Steve and Nancy Strickland spent the weekend in Manhattan for the Flint Hills Triathlon.

The remainder of WMS and the team were in Kansas City on Saturday, volunteering and racing at the legendary Hospital Hill Run. This year’s half marathon, 10k, and 5k runs attracted nearly 3,500 registered participants, the most since 1991. As the name clearly suggests, the course is tough, but also beautiful, varied, and just plain fun. Runners’ World has called it one the country’s best run courses, and with good reason. Runners were welcomed with a goody bag complete with shirt, hat, and water bottle. And the finish line greeted runners with a huge spread of food, including Chris Cakes pancakes.

Best of all, though, the violent storms that were predicted for the race passed through at around 3:00 a.m. and left runners with a beautiful morning of relatively cool, calm conditions. Perfect running weather. Mike sits on the board of directors and helps organize the race, so he was more than occupied in the days and hours leading up to the race. Chad, Scott, Anita, and Judd volunteered their time and ran in the races.

After handing out race-day packets to late registrants, Mike and Chad lined up as official pacesetters for the half marathon. Armed with sponsor-donated Garmin 305s and brand-new Avia shoes, Mike paced the 1:45 half marathon group, along with local athlete Scott Bolen. And Chad volunteered to slow the dragon down and pace the 2:15 group. Both succeeded in getting most of their groups across the line right on time. WMS friends Juli Watkins, Sherri Wattenbarger, and Megan Mansfield also successfully paced half marathon groups, and Gretchen Duncan, Chris Yows, Glenn Bohannon, Don Little, Brian Evans, Heather Schulze, Matt Johnson, ______ and __________ all ran and had great races (we know that failed to name some of you, but there were thousands out there, so our apologies).

All in all, a great day of racing.

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