Heritage Park / BikeSource Duathlon/Triathlon
by on June 2, 2008 in General

Heritage Park / BikeSource Triathlon / Duathlon

Fast Action, Hardware Galore!

posted by David Shultz

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The “season opener” of the local triathlon season was in full swing last week with some fast and furious racing. Despite unseasonably cool weather in the preceding weeks, and similarly unseasonably cool lake temperatures, the day turned out to be beautiful with sunny skies and warm temps. As racers warmed up and prepared to either enter the lake (which passed all fecal-count tests with flying colors – yea!) to begin the triathlon or start the run leg for the duathlon, nearly a dozen of our brethren donned basketball uniforms, floaties, wigs, and home-built bikes as part of a growing annual tradition at the Heritage Park Lake.

Scott “Dexter” Kinner was seen polishing his home-welded chopper and sliding into tighty whities and a wig while others were busy donning wetsuits, applying Bodyglide, resetting bike computers, and re-arranging their transition areas with almost shrine-like precision. As we slipped into the water with the opening heat just prior to the start a cacophony of comments were heard that contradicted the level of talent (this is the “elite” heat, right??) bobbing in the water around us:

“Hey Roberts, I thought you’d like to see what a real skater’s body looks like – take a good look!”

“Daddy, I wanna go fast”

“You’re my boy blue!”

With that, we were off, and a quick swim it was with the leaders coming out of the water a mere six minutes later. The first group consisted of John Riley, Sandy Cohen, Jared Kuntz, and Jason Phillips, followed shortly behind by Hugh Ryan, Bob Schloegel, Aleksandar Tasic, Kevin Wait, Allyn Smith, Kyle Bush, and then eventually followed by Judd Shea while Mike Roberts, Barry Ogden, David Shultz, Bill Biehl, and Brian Evans all exited the water within seconds of each other with the quotes and taunts following everybody into T1.

Following the annual first-of-the-year battle with my wetsuit, I followed that crowed out onto the course for what would be the last time I saw them all day, and halfway through lap one Brian Evans passed me on his quest to catch the rest of the leaders and age-groupers. I certainly did not have my best day on the bike, but nonetheless felt good, had fun, and got in a few wisecracks as I passed “Team Tighty Whities” on lap three. As I left T2 and headed out onto the run I quickly passed Mike Roberts and Brian Evans heading in the opposite direction uttering “your my boy blue” and “don’t catch me”, respectively.

The rest of the run proceeded as expected and despite less than stellar bike and run segments today, I did manage to reach a personal PR on the course by almost a minute in light of a better-than-average swim. The rest of the group, however, earned some serious hardware capped by Jason Phillip’s blistering overall win, nearly a full minute over local favorite Bob Schloegel.

Barry Ogden followed closely behind and took top honors in his age group while Kyle Bush, Sandy Cohen, Mike Roberts, Bill Biehl, and Judd Shea also took home top age-group awards. Numerous other “friends of WMS” had phenomenal days including some top age-group performances in both the triathlon and the duathlon – congrats to everyone for coming out for a great day of racing (and entertainment from Team Tighties)!

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