Guns n’ Roses & IRONBAND – Live in Kansas City – November 12th!
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Ironband & Perpetual Change - Live @ the Brooksider - Nov. 12th
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Ironband & Perpetual Change - Live @ the Brooksider - Nov. 12th

OK, OK, calm down – I didn’t say that we were playing at the same venue, did I?

Let’s try that headline again:

IRONBAND – Live @ the Brooksider w/ Perpetual Change – Saturday, Nov. 12th

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It’s true, Guns n’ Roses will be playing across town at the Sprint Center on the same night as our show and it may be a tough choice for some of you given our inability to rock a skirt like Axl Rose or a hairdo and top hat like Slash.

However, we promise that between our triathlonic musical odyssey and a powerhouse set of your favorite 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s tunes from our friends and local favorites, Perpetual Change, you’ll go home with a bigger smile on your face than had you spent the evening immersed in a contact-high over at the Sprint Center.

If you attended our last show with Perpetual Change you know that you’re in for a fun evening of friends, music, perhaps some food and drink, a little dancing entertainment from the infamous Iron Maidens, and if you’re feeling a tad unrestrained, perhaps a turn with the tambourine or shake weight (you’ll have to ask Perpetual Change about that one).

More details to come, but we wanted to get the date out there so you can plan accordingly, book the sitter, rearrange your Sunday morning training plan, etc.

If you don’t already have them on your iPod, head on over to to get our music! | | Brooksider Bar & Grill

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