Gorilla Century Ride
by on August 22, 2006 in General

We reached another milestone in our training this weekend as we set off to Pittsburgh, KS, for the annual Gorilla Century Ride. The Gorilla Century was put on by Tailwind Cyclists, Inc., a local bike shop in Pittsburgh. Roger and his family and volunteers put on a great ride – fully supported, good map, well marked, scenic, and lots of goodies along the way – thanks to Tailwind and the gang.

This was a first century ride for a number of us and definitely a confidence builder for those of us doing an Ironman this year. Mike, Matt, Scott, Dave, Chad, Gretchen, and Brenda set out on the streets of Pittsburgh and the surrounding countryside after waiting out a torrential rain shower earlier in the morning. For the rest of the day we lucked out with bouts of dark clouds broken occasionally by sun until we reached the last mile under a sky full of sun.

We passed through a number of towns along the ride, saw parts of Pittsburgh, the University, and all the way out to the infamous Kansas “wonder”, Big Brutus – the world’s second-largest electric shovel.

All in all the ride felt pretty good – we found a few areas of fitness, nutrition, or equipment that need some minor tweaking in the coming weeks but beyond that I think that everyone is feeling ready. With that Century behind us we’re counting the days to Ironman Wisconsin, Ironman Hawaii, and Ironman Florida all coming in the next three months!

Gorilla Century – view the photos


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