Good Luck Kansas City Triathlon Athletes!

Check your packet for the highly-sought-after Ironband Triathlon Checklist Magnet!

Good luck to everyone racing in the Olympic or Sprint events at this weekend’s Kansas City Triathlon / 5i50 race!

Ironband is the official band of the event and in that lofty official capacity we officially proclaim that we will officially be out on the course providing a rockin’ sound track to help push you through the race!

We also officially proclaim that our spot along the course is henceforth known as theĀ Ironband Rock and Cheer Zone, so if you aren’t racing and would like to help cheer on the athletes with us come set up your spectating camp near our stage.

Athletes – if you want to “audibly prepare” yourselves by checking out some of the tunes that you’ll hear during the race just visit our website to download our music for free!

For more information about the Kansas City Triathlon visitĀ

Ironband - Kansas City Triathlon

We'll see you on the course!


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