Good Luck Ironman Arizona Athletes!
by on November 10, 2009 in Ironman Triathlon

Normally at this time before a big race the pre-race chatter and predictions are flying. The week leading up to this year’s Ford Ironman Arizona, however, has been relatively quiet which leads me to believe that this race is anyone’s game. In the Kinner / Biehl / Roberts battle Mr. Roberts has the historical wins on his side but a brutal and lengthy training regimen has left runners up Kinner and Biehl in a strong position to make a move. What happens on Sunday is anyone’s guess but regardless of the outcome we’ll be looking forward to the race and wish each of our racers the best.
Ford Ironman Arizona 2009 Good luck also to Suzy Kinner and Rich Muller as they compete in their very first Ironman event, to Steve Muller who seeks to capitalize on his previous Ironman experience, as well as other locals Derek Sandstrom, Leslie Curley, Brett Carey, and everyone else racing in Arizona this weekend. You can track your favorite athletes through the link below – simply look them up by last name or bib number. Live coverage and video will also be broadcast on the website. Additional updates “from the field” may also be posted to the WMS Facebook page so stay tuned! Bib No.
876 – Derek Sandstrom
916 – Steve Muller
1150 – Rich Muller
1196 – Mike Roberts
1369 – Bill Biehl
1370 – Scott Kinner
1417 – Brett Carey
2458 – Leslie Curley
2557 – Suzy Kinner

Strong and safe races to everyone competing in Tempe this weekend – have a great race!

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