Congratulations Brew to Brew Run – $80,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Fros and Hoes - 2012 Brew to Brew Run

Fros and Hoes - 2012 Brew to Brew Run

Despite being cooped up in a van with 16 sweaty people, a cooler of beer, and a guitar for the better part of a Sunday, this year’s Brew to Brew Run was as entertaining as it was successful in raising much-needed funds for theĀ Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Team “Fros & Hoes” started the day in the tasting room at the Boulevard Brewery at 6:00am and finished roughly six hours, 44 miles, a cooler of beer, numerous power bars, a few cheeseburgers, and one stripper pole (story for another day) later in yet another tasting room in Lawrence, KS.

Now while that may not sound like a serious athletic event to you, make no mistake – the Fros and the Hoes took their roles seriously and were proud to be part of an event that has been raising money for the CFF for 18 years.

Congratulations to all of the teams and solo runners that participated in this year’s event – and kudos to the Kansas City Track Club for putting on a great event and raising an impressive amount of money for the CFF!

Visit theĀ Kansas City Track Club website for results or more information.

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