Congratulations 2010 K-Swiss Ironman Kansas 70.3 Participants!

Congratulations to everyone who placed, acheived a personal record, or finished their first 70.3 race in Lawrence last week at the 2010 K-Swiss Ironman Kansas 70.3!

Congrats to men’s pro champions Chris Lieto, Andy Potts, and Andrew Yoder, and to women’s champions Chrissie Wellington, Pip taylor, and Linsey Corbin!

We had a wonderful time playing our first “70.3 gig” and enjoyed our front-row seats for all the action. We hope that you enjoyed the music and hope that we were able to cause you to crack a smile as you passed our tent when you were out there pushing yourselfs on the run course

A special thanks to those of you who stopped by the tent to say hi, to play tambourine, or to perform, for the first time ever, as the Ironband-ettes – nice work!

Kudos also to Ryan Robinson and Tom Ziebart for putting on another world-class event in our backyard!

We’d also like to thank pros Chrissie Wellington and Pip Taylor for indulging us with their smiles during our rendition of tribute songs performed in their honor. Who knew that Kansas was the heart of triathlon rock and roll, right? We look forward to seeing you on a race course again soon!

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