Brand New Full-Length Album, “No Sleep ‘Til Kona” Hits Stores Today!
by on June 9, 2011 in Ironband - New Music
Ironband - No Sleep 'Til Kona

Ironband - No Sleep 'Til Kona

Kansas City, MO, USA – June 9th, 2011 – The new full-length album from triathlete-musicians, Ironband, hits major digital music retailers today.

Literally tens of people have been waiting patiently for the new album that brings us 15 new songs touching on themes new and old with titles such as “Tri She-Devil,” “Convoy,” “Age Group Body, Podium Heart,” “Shaved for ‘Nuthin” and more.

“They just keep coming out,” says Ironband singer, Scott, when asked about the market-viability of a second full-length album focusing solely on the idiosyncrasies of endurance sports and the athletes who live a multisport lifestyle. “I suppose there may come a day when we’ve exhausted every possible way to sing about our sport, our fellow athletes, and the products that we use, but as long as these songs continue to pour out of our off-centered minds, that day is not today.”

Originally slated for an early spring release, “No Sleep ‘Til Kona” is just now hitting stores in light of the hectic schedules of work, family, pee-wee soccer, baseball, swim, and gymnastics, not to mention a full Ironman training schedule (singer Scott is scheduled to race at Ironman Lake Placid in July). The absence of Ironband guitarist, Mike, during recent studio sessions didn’t help with the production schedule either.

“Mike’s heavy use of the “G” chord kept things consistent and on schedule,” explains Ironband’s other guitarist, David. “Without that predictability and consistency we were forced to actually learn a A7 minor chord at one point – can you imagine how that can impact a recording session?”

The new album hits stores today and is ready to grace your digital playlists so head on over to iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, or your favorite digital music outlet to pick up a copy before it sells out. Actually, I don’t think that a digital album can sell out, but pretend that it can, and then rush on out and pick yourself up a copy.

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