Blazeman Dinner with Chrissie Wellington
Blazeman Dinner with Chrissie Wellington
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Blazeman Dinner with Chrissie Wellington

On Friday evening we had the pleasure of providing musical entertainment, acoustic style, at the 2011 Blazeman Dinner with Chrissie Wellington. The dinner, which benefits the Blazeman Foundation for ALS, was hosted by Chrissie and MC Dave Ragsdale and was held at Sunflower Outdoor & Bike in Lawrence.

For those unfamiliar, the Blazeman Foundation for ALS is a family foundation that serves to carry out the vision of its namesake and founder, the late Jonathan “Blazeman” Blais, with whom many of us first became familiar when he became the first person with ALS to finish an Ironman at the Ironman World Championship in 2005.

Since his passing the Foundation continues to grow, recruit new “Blazeman Warriors”, and contribute to the efforts to diagnose, treat, and hopefully, eventually cure, ALS. These efforts are spearheaded through by Jon’s parents and the efforts of “Blazeman Warriors” such as Chrissie Wellington through events such as the Blazeman dinner.

This year’s event included a social hour where guests had the opportunity to talk with Chrissie, a catered dinner, a raffle and door prizes, and an opportunity to hear Chrissie talk about the importance of the Blazeman Foundation and her involvement with raising money for ALS research.

During the raffle we gave away a few copies of the “Tri-Polar” album that we recently produced with Mark Mason of Ampage; 100% of the proceeds of the sale of that album are going directly to the Blazeman Foundation. Given that Chrissie actually sings on the “Iron Blazeman” song on that album, people were more than happy to get their hands on a copy and have her sign it.

While she downplayed her part on the album, we think that she is a rock star in the full sense of the word whether she’s on the race course, working tirelessly to raise money for important causes such as the Blazeman Foundation, or in the studio laying down a vocal track.

The event raised some great money for the foundation and it was an honor to be involved – thank you to everyone involved in putting on the event – great work for the Blazeman Foundation!

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