Welcome to the home of Ironband, the world’s most enigmatic running, cycling, and triathlon rock band!

Comprised of amateur endurance athletes, runners, triathletes, cyclists, adventure racers, and musicians, Ironband writes original (mostly) music that touches on a variety of racing and training-related themes spanning multiple musical genres (some that don’t even exist yet).

From Kansas to Kona, Ironband’s live shows are packed with originals and rockin’ cover tunes that have entertained thousands of runners, cyclists, bar patrons, soccer moms, and, on rare occasions when we limit the set to PG-rated songs, kids.


Vocals, bass, drums (not always at the same time), piccolo, Sitar
Ironman finishes: 4
PR: 11:11
Hours spent in med tent/ER: 1

Scott is the multi-instrumentalist of the group; prior to the band’s adoption of a full-time drummer he generally flipped a coin before each show to determine whether he would play bass or drums. You might recognize his face (when he’s not wearing spandex and an aero helmet) since he spent much of his mis-guided youth as the percussive-powerhouse behind the legendary “P.M.S. Blues Band” out of Kansas City, KS.

Logging hundreds of gigs throughout the Kansas City area, Scott has seen every neon Hamm’s beer sign in the city. “We tried to get them to secure chicken wire in front of the stage” recalls Scott of one of their livelier gigs, “but the bar owners called us babies and told us to suck it up.” By the way, he still drums for the “PMS Blues Band”. Like any prima donna musician, he thinks he needs to be in multiple bands to express his true artistic ability. (What Ever!)

It was experiences such as those that helped Scott to evolve into a talented drummer, leveraging his unique ability to simultaneously keep a beat and duck behind his ride cymbal when tomatoes or bottles start flying. It wasn’t until joining forces with Dave and Mike that Scott branched out into stringed instruments after being told, “We can’t have a lead singer hide behind a drum kit. You have to learn to play the bass!” And learn he did; Scott can now knock out each of the four notes required to accompany Mike and Dave’s searing guitar riffs and is coming on strong as a force to reckon with in the triathlon world.


Guitar, vocals, keyboards, cowbell, Japanese koto, auto-tune
Ironman finishes: 1.9
PR: 12:25
Hours spent in med tent/ER: 48

Dave’s illustrious music career started at the age of 13 with acclaimed, Rockville, Maryland basement band, “Turning Point”. Following a bitter breakup Dave moved on to “Ded Eddy”, the one-song opening act for notorious Echo Hill Summer Camp bad boys, “Flight Crew”. Following his move to the Midwest in the mid-80s, Dave joined underground alt-rockers, “Triple Owners of the World”, touring KFCs around the globe before heading to college and joining Dave in cover band whose name, unfortunately, we can’t remember since our freshman year of college was a tad blurry.

Dave is the band’s founder, having written the lyrics to their first song, “Pass the Chamois Butt’r”, in their entirety during the hot, miserable run leg while completing his first half Ironman. After Dave’s first attempt at an Ironman landed him in the ICU for 48-hours he enlisted the help of Mike and Scott  to take the imaginary Ironband into the realm of semi-reality. It was during this time that first full-length album was unleashed upon a small, and stunned, group of close friends and fellow athletes.

These days Dave’s notable triathlon achievements involve simply managing to cross the finish at races without a forced, post-race stay in the emergency room, and his main musical achievements are writing such children’s hits as “I’m not the one who tooted” with his small children who are, in their own right, on their way to musical and triathlon greatness. Long-term goals include upping his Ironman finish record to more than 50% and headlining the finish line concert at Kona.


Drums, both standard and the Japanese Taiko, cowbell, wooden sticks
Ironman Long-distance adventure race finishes: 10
PR: 12:25
Hours spent in med tent/ER: the ER is for panzies

Justin is the sole member of Ironband never to have completed an Ironman Triathlon. That said, his application for band membership by-passed the normal red-tape and background checks given his prowess in long-distance, multi-day adventure racing which, as reported by the rest of the band, is “a whole lot $!^&%*$ harder than a triathlon on a road with a well-marked course.

Justin brings an air of youth to the band and despite his penchant for bubble gum pop bands his setlist additions have brought an entirely new dimension to a live Ironband show. In addition to being a wizard with his sticks and a cowbell, Justin also serves as the band’s unofficial bartender and always shows up for rehearsal with just the right concoction for any time of the day or night.

Mike (emeritus)

Guitar, vocals, pan flute, thumb cymbals
Ironman finishes: 6
PR: 10:38
Hours spent in med tent/ER: 2.2

Mike is the smart one. He retired, went on a solo acoustic tour of the Florida coast, got a real job and shows up for the occasional fill-in gig.

Mike never quit racing Ironman, however, and these days rides a super-expensive bike and trains under a coach and is down to negative 6.7% body fat. Last year he qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Kona for the first time and he plans to do it every year from here forward while his former band mates drink mai tais and watch from the sidelines.

As an homage to the band Mike has been working on a new song. For 9 years. It’s going to be epic.

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